A4054C_lowresBusiness Strategies for the Economic Region That Is Shaking Up the World

The world’s economic center is increasingly shifting from North America and Europe to Asia. This timely guide will provide businesspeople with the knowledge and understanding necessary to remain competitive—and proactive—in that brave new world.

To help readers better grasp the causes and effects of the ongoing tectonic shift in economic power, this book examines the 16 nations driving the explosive economic growth of Asia. It shows readers how to apply a “Five Factors” analysis to predict which Asian countries and industries will experience the most vibrant economic growth in coming years—and which will present the greatest risks for international businesses. It then goes a step further, offering insights and strategies that will help businesses assess opportunities in Asia and achieve success there in the years ahead.

To help readers make those judgments, this comprehensive, practical resource includes insightful descriptions of the value systems, business practices, customs, and social characteristics of Asia and of individual Asian nations. It also exposes the intra-regional relationships of Asian countries that contribute to, or undermine, their individual economic potential and that of the region as a whole.

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  • Analyzes the foundations of Asia’s economic strengths and weaknesses
  • Offers a detailed description of changes in the global economy that testify to a shift of economic power and influence and the probability of a lasting economic restructuring
  • Predicts the probable impact of Asia’s economic rise on the global economy, on other economic regions, and on individual countries elsewhere in the world
  • Reveals which Asian nations can be counted on to expand their economic position in relation to other countries in the region and globally

June 2013, 224 pp, 6 1/8×9 1/4
ISBN 9781440829093
Imprint: Praeger